In September a young man named Rasel, contacted the charity through Facebook, from a remote Bangladesh village. He was asking if it would be possible for Vision For Bangladesh to help the situation of the family next door to him.

He lived next to a very poor family who had a 14yr old daughter called Khadiza, going blind. Due to her reduced vision she had dropped several years in her schooling and her parents were very worried about her. On top of her health issues, Khadiza’s parents could not even afford the bus fare to the eye hospital, one hour away, let alone pay for the sight saving surgery needed.

Our reply was immediate . We asked Rasel if he would escort  the family to BNSB Hospital Moulvibazar, and I would contact the hospital to make them aware the family were coming. We would pay the transport cost.

The next day Rasel took Khadiza and her father to the  hospital and was seen by the Consultant, Dr Shah. On examination it was discovered she had a cataract and we told the hospital that the charity would pay for the cataract surgery, all the transport involved, and the cost of follow up appointments.

5 days later Kadiza’s surgery was complete, and she was going home, her vision already restored.

She had drops to put in for two weeks and two more follow up appointments, which she attended.

Today Khadiza ( first of the 3 girls) is back at school and catching up with lost time, her future looks bright for a normal life.  Her family are so happy and we thank Rasel for being such a good neighbour!

Khadiza’s sight was saved by just £100!